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Jugfrau Adventure: Day 1

Summer break 2019 is coming but we have yet to finalize our vacation plan... initial plan was to visit either German or Italy. However, as we still can't use our personal car due to registration issue, we decided to focus on exploring Switzerland.  There are so many places we have not explored yet here.  One of the place is Interlaken, Off course, we have been before, but we really haven't explore it extensively.  There are so many attractions surrounding Interlaken and yet we only visited some places and limit ourselves with travelling with car. This time, we decided to spend four days in Interlaken and the surrounding Jungfrau region. Instead of driving around this region, we decided to take the train.  You can refer to this website for info on the travel pass within Jungfau region.(  ). You can buy either 3-day, 5-day and 8-day pass , and have access to most type of train; local train, mountain train, bus etc. However, for privat

Final Farewell to Winter 2019

Winter is over now... however, it refused to let go the baton to Spring before a final showdown.  So at last, on 4th April 2019, winter delivers its final snow here in Geneva.  We are lucky as this is the first snow fall at La Vigie, we though we have to wait until next winter to view the snowfall here in our new home. Words cannot deliver the beauty of fresh snowfall early in the morning.  By noon, all the beauty slowly fades away. Enjoy the view. A bientot... ~ yatiseman `

Halal Journey in Geneve... the Halal Meat

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are many Halal restaurants available in Geneve.  This is due to a very large Muslim community here be it expatriates, visitors or the local population.  In fact, if you walk anywhere in Geneve center, you will always encounter many Muslims especially women wearing Hijab.  Today, I will be sharing with you where to find Halal food ingredients (later I will share about restaurants).  Boucheries: for chicken (poulet), beef (beouf) and related products 1. Geneve centre Fresh products in Geneve is a little bit pricey as compared to those in France.  However, just in case, you need to buy in small portion, these places are available for you to find the products. (a) Kamel Halal Meat Sàrl , rue de Lausanne 55, 1202, Geneva , Switzerland Opening Hours:   Monday                  Tuesday                        Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday                             9am-12pm; 3-7pm    9am-12pm; 3

La Vigie...

Looking for a house was a new experience for us.  During our previous posting here, we just took over the previous officer's home and we were lucky to have a duplex apartment with garden.  And now, we are going back to Geneve and there is no house yet as our predecessor has returned home for almost a year and the residence had to be released. Looking for new house means that we have to consider where do we want to stay; the right side or the left side of Lac Leman and this also determines where the kids will be going to school, the public transportation bla, bla... so many considerations. At last, received feedback from most of our colleagues that the traffic is horrendous crossing the bridge during peak hour times!! So off the checklists for beautiful places such as Cologny, Collonge Bellerive, Hermance etc. So far, we have visited 3 houses on the right side of the lake and all are marvelous (in fact one is a mansion to the boot). Map of Geneve, showing left and side

Second chance, second home... Welcome back Geneve!

We are back!!! Alhamdulillah, Alllah gives us a second chance of life in Geneve after nine years leaving this beautiful country. On 25th Jan 2019, we left Malaysia again to pursue a new life in Suisse.  This time the farewell was a bit sad and crowded! The whole clan of Said and Abu Seman's came to bid farewell to us.  It was quite a crowd in KLIA that night! The Said's clan on the left and the Abu Seman's clan on the right We arrived at GVA Aeroport around 12 noon the next day. As we get off from the airplane, we were ushered to the tarmac in the cold winter air to get to the waiting room as our luggages were being cleared. Quite a different experience this time as the treatment was more personalized! For the next one and half month, we stayed at Royal Manotel until we find our new home.  Deja vue again as Royal Manotel has always been the accommodation we chose to stay during our previous life in Geneve ( during arrival and departure). It's so conve

Keep the flag flying high (again)

Pada pertengahan tahun 2018 yang lalu semasa bertugas di Seoul, saya menerima satu mesej dari KSU "Rashidi please come see me personally after Korea". Tak pasti sebab apa dan saya tidak dapat agak langsung. Hati tak sedap, terdetik "ada buat salah apa-apakah?" atau KSU nak transfer saya ke bahagian lain pula. Dipendekkan cerita, saya diberi tanggungjawab baru. Saya terima cabaran ini sebagai amanah dan kepercayaan -- "keep the flag flying high (again)". He will be leaving us soon but the legacies remain.