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Charity Ride for PK Yeoh, 24 April 2011

This was so called a 'Charity Ride' for PK Yeoh. He got hit by a car while cycling along MEX Highway about two weeks earlier. This was the first cycling event that we joined. It started at R&R Seri Kembangan. Everybody was told to gather around 7.30 a.m. When we arrived there at 7.20 a.m, the crowd was already there with all kinds of bikes from road bikes, mountain bikes until folded bikes. The total distance was 35 km. It's enough for a start. R.A.S.H.I.D.I.SAID


Dua minggu lalu, lepas beli basikal saya dan isteri bercadang hendak berkayuh. Tak pernah berkayuh lagi ni....pengalaman pertama. Tak tahu macamana bila naik bukit, turun bukit, masa mana nak tukar gear tinggi dan rendah. Abang Jamie (Tokey Pinarello di Kajang) ada bagitau tapi tak ingat dah. Barang cycling isteri sudah seminggu sampai dari UK tapi saya punya belum sampai complete kecuali boot dengan jersey. Tapi tak apa sebab kemaruk nak berbasikal punya pasal. Malam sebelum, masukkan energy drink dalam botol dan masukkan dalam peti ais biar sejuk. Mula-mula rancang nak kayuh dari rumah di Ampang tapi tak sure macamana nak masuk MEX dengan basikal. Akhirnya, tukar plan pergi dengan kereta dan parking di R&R Seri Kembangan, MEX Highway. Mula kayuh dari situ senang sikit. Esok pagi-pagi bangun dalam pukul 6.00 pagi. Pukul 6.45 pagi naikkan dua-dua basikal saya dan isteri ke atas rack. Pukul 7.10 pagi cam tu bertolak dan sampai R&R Seri Kembangan dalam pukul 7.20 pagi. Bila s

We are into Cycling

I am not very sure how and when. Suddently, I decided to go into cycling. Yap, it was just like that. I have a few friends that are already into cycling like  Akula Matiau  and Azahari. I had no interest in cycling while I was in Geneva a few years ago. I didn't see it interesting.  Cycling is not like riding superbike because I'll be the only one riding it - the seat is for one anyway :P This time is with my wife. The main reason why I'm into cycling is because I want to exercise. At least to maintain my weight under 70 kg and to keep my waist below 32 inches...haha. We spent about two weeks searching for suitable bikes and of course the bikes that are within our budget. It's quite hard for a people like me that knows nothing about cycling - what bike, what gears, prices, brands, types of bikes etc. Majority of the existing websites say nothing about these basic things. They are more interested on jamborees and cycling events. Sellers or shops are dare to