Lyon on pool

The longest journey begins with a single step, not with a turn of the ignition key (Edward Abbey)

Our first trip out of Geneva is to Lyon, France although we were still searching for a car. Since still “patah kaki,” we pooled with a fellow MITIan, kak Normah and convoyed with Hairil and Izan to Lyon. Lyon, third largest city in France, was located almost one-hour drive south of Geneva and in the east central France.

The Hairil's family, Kak Normah and me
“Takkan Melayu hilang di Dunia”. That’s the thing about Malays in perantauan. Rice is always the main dish. That’s what happened to us. As soon as we arrived at Lyon, we replenished ourselves with “bekalan.” I made some “tauhu sumbat” while Izan and kak Normah brought along, some rice, roasted chicken and sandwiches. In UK, people do carboot sale but here we did a carpicnic time right in a parking lot some more. Then, it was time for sightseeing around Lyon.

The main attraction in Lyon is the rue de la République where rows and rows of shops are available for the tourists. The street is considered as a shopping heaven for those who favor the French fashion industry! The street ends with a square called Place Bellecour where two major attractions in Lyon; the ferris wheel and the equestrian statue of Louis XIV. We decided to take the ferris wheel ride and the view was spectacular indeed! Words cannot describe the view; only the lens can show you the view.

One thing about Lyon, we could not find a souvenir shop. We circled the town for quite sometimes but still out of luck. It seems that it's a common mishap since other people also could not manage to locate a souvenir shop as well!

Place Bellecour

From the square, you can see the UNESCO heritage site, the Basillique Notre Dame de Fourviere, grazing on the Fourviere Hill, which used to be a Roman settlement in ancient Lyon. We managed to drive up the hill to see the area nearer.

View from the Ferris Wheel

~ yatiseman~


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