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Photograph and photography

This is my re-produced version of my facebook note posted way back in October 2009.  I think this is a very interesting topic to discuss. I received few questions about digital cameras (dSLR) - what camera should I buy? Which one is the most important, the lens or the camera?. These are the most difficult questions to advice on. But there are certain guides out there. It would be most helpful by referring to the basic questions firs t: "What is your budget?"  I must say that all the advanced features in a dSLR will come at cost. It seems that dSLR technology doesn't ever stop to breathe because every year manufacturers are coming up with another new version of dSLR to attract potential customers. "What are your needs? Once you have decided how much you want (or can afford), ask yourself the following questions: (i) What do I want to photograph? You should also think about what kind of subjects you will be photographing. Are you just taking snapshots, pictures of f

Lensa musim luruh

Musim luruh :: Kawan photographer (Akula Matiau) mengajak outing singkat ke St Cergue, sebuah tanah tinggi di banjaran Jura. St Cergue tidaklah jauh, hanya kira-kira 20km dari bandar Geneva. Matlamatnya hanya untuk mengambil gambar murim luruh--daun kekuningan yang berguguran. Itulah musim luruhkan. Beberapa sudut lensa Air mengalir sejuk pada musim luruh Pemandangan Alps dari banjaran Jura Akula Matiau dengan banjaran Alps. copyright: rashidisaid Akula Matiau. copyright: rashidisaid