Dari Geneva ke Cambridge

Easter holiday :: Cambridge. Regardless of how the world around it changes, the Europe maintains its traditional summer close-down – for a month! For me, it means no meetings I have to attend. It also means this is the best time for me to take a long break...hola!

We had our final check of the important things during our two-week on the road trip – Euros and Pounds of course!, ferry and hotel bookings and routes to take.

We booked our ferry operated by P&O from Calais-Dover-Calais totalled Euro90.00. It may sound cheap BUT that's OK if you are willing to take the 3.15 a.m's ferry.

Our two-week tour covers Ashford-Cambridge-Newark-Thamworth-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Northern Wales-Walton on Thames-London-Paris.


Reached Ashford at 8.00am. All seemed quiet. The major attraction in Ashford is the McArthur and Glen Outlet. Frankly, that was our second time to the outlet. Pretty much the same thing except on the middle part of outlet, they had already built a kids' playground. The kids spent 15 minutes there. The top brands are there - CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and few others..can't really remember.

Much to our surprise, we managed to discover the car boot sale located near Ashford. It was our first and only car boot experience. Ashraf and Afif were asking for Star Wars toy characters. The guy sold a small plastic bag with full of toys for only 2 pounds. The kids just hooray!!!


On the way to Newark, we decided to make a stop at Cambridge, a university town and administrative centre of Cambridgeshire, England.

Somebody told us, "if you have already been to Oxford, no need to go to Cambridge because the only different between them is the river". OK, that's 40% true. A few people (students do the part time job I think) approached us for a river cruise but we didn't take. As a university town, the major attractions are the colleges and universities based there. There are 31 colleges scattered around and we visited only a few with King's as one of them. I bought a postcard with all 31 on a page..that's enough haha.

I hope that in future we could make another trip there maybe for our sons' or daughter's graduation!! AMIN...*berangan* We almost got a parking ticket there because we parked our car on a double-yellow line. I apologised and buat muka kesian to that municipal official and he replied "you can remove you car and park you car there sir"...phewww! I have visited Oxford..hmmm..which one is better? I like Oxford more.



  1. dari UK nak ke other part of europe - macam france - ada train kan? ke kena menggunakan flight?

  2. Train pun ada juga... dr paris ke london.. flight pun quite cheap esp easyjet. Kami tak pernah naik train luar Swiss... tapi semuanya mudah aje...


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