A New Home…

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”
Robert Frost quotes (American poet, 1874-1963)

Geneva or Genève in French or Genf in German or Ginevra in Italian will be our home for the next three years. It’s winter here and the cold blast was quite a shock to the kids. The best part was that they hibernated and become less active. Alhamdulillah! For the first week, we stayed at Royal Manotel, Rue de Lausanne in the heart of Geneva. Food was difficult but then since the room was equipped with kitchenette facility, we managed to cook some basic dish which mainly involved sardine and eggs!

Initially, I was quite paranoid with the new place and only spent our time i
n the room while hubby went to work. It seemed quite daunting to walk in the cold winter weather with two hyperactive kids! We only managed to go out sightseeing whenever he’s back but by 5 pm, it was dark already! Our initial sight seeing in Geneva was walking along the Lake Geneva at almost 0 degree celcius!

After 5 days arriving at Geneva, we managed to visit our future home for the next 3 years. It was located in a small town called Versoix, 10 km from Geneva. On the way there, our predecessor showed us the countryside with acres and acres of farmland surrounding Geneva. Feels so “kampungnya” the place, far from civilization.

Our house was a charming 2-storey apartment complex and the first thing I saw was a Malaysian flag right next door! It seems that we have our self a fellow Malaysian neighbor. What a relief! Our house was a duplex apartment with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathroom. The basement has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a private access to the common room where laundry and storage areas are located. Off course, it was big and nice but I was a little bit dismay since everything especially the kitchen is white!! Cannot imagine how to maintain everything is pristine white!!! The best feature of the house was the glass wall overlooking the garden.

So, on 12 January 2007, we moved into the house. It was empty and cold, devoid of any furniture except for the built in kitchen cabinet, fridge and stove.
We gonna camp ourselves in the house until our things arrived.

~ yatiseman~


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