Repost from My FB's Note: 25 Things About Me

1. My mother named me based on the main character of the novel Tenggelamnya Kapal Vanderwicjk.

2. I grew up in few places following my abah who was a soldier. But funny things, that these few places were only in two states i.e. Perak and Penang. 

3. Thus, I never went to other states except Perak and Penang until I was in form 4 for lawatan sekolah ke Kuala Lumpur...

4. I simply love and dreamt of going overseas for so long since watching all those documentary series... now I have fulfilled my dream... I am here kan :)

5. I love Mind Your Language tv series when I was young... It really exposed me to English... when you are a born and raised in a low income family and you been to the sekolah kebangsaan environment, it meant a lot.. okay.. no one can teach you English language then and then... only your own initiative yang tolong.. thanks Mr Brown..

6.Coming from low income family and big family (9 siblings), I learnt to be tough and independent.. it shapes me a lot...

7. I used to be athletics... running and netball.. but now I dah semput dah... only in primary and secondary school.. I stopped while at college caused I was focusing on study.. getting good grades...

8. In college esp in Lehigh, my target was to finish my study early and score 4-flat on my study so that I could at least aim for scholarship iso of education loan...By the time balik Msia, rasa tertipu since JPA punya term convertible loan is one-sided aje.. rasa penat belajar but no compensation except for 75% discount on the repayment.. semua orang can do that... I should enjoy more masa kat USA :(

Malaysian students at Lehigh
9. I fall in love with the motto Carpe Diem during college when we had to study the movie Dead Poet Society during Margaret Maney's English class... I realize that Seize the Day was importance to me..

10. I also found out later that my lecturer, Margaret Maney also taught my younger sister who took TESL program kat UPM.. what a small world kan..

11. I love laksa penang a lot.. I can survive the whole month of Ramadhan with laksa.. yummy...
Laksa at D Rimba Cafe, BB Bangi

12. But I hate the laksa that people sell kat gerai... nothin can ever challenge the laksa made by my mother and sister... I have high expectation on laksa penang...

5Sc1- SMDB 1991
13. I pernah had a crush on one guy since form 1 till form 5 but I never ever really confronted him or it.. it was just a stupid, high school crush ..

14. I met my hubby masa working at PRIMA... work a few years in the same office.. only when a few months before leaving the company baru we hitched up together... thanks to my mates in PRIMA..

15. I dated my hubby secretly for a few months.. no one in the office knew about it.. they were pairing us by then.. until on my farewell that we revealed to them our relationship.. [I still remember the place, Rain Noodle House at KLCC where we officially announced our relationship.  Sadly, the restaurant is not there anymore]

16. What a small world, my hubby and I were raised in the same world.. we are from the army family and we even went to the same army tuition center and religious center.. but I cannot recollect him then..

17.I am the berani type and adventurous.. Always ventured out on my US, I can even travel from Lehigh to Boston via New York all by myself.. naik bas lg.. the Greyhound bus.. imagine all the bad people in New Yok city...

My solo trip from Bethlehem to Boston to meet this gals
18. I had a major accident masa working with MAS... I hate to recollect it but I had to since it taught me a good lesson... sometimes, I need other people.. I can't just be independent... 
Training during Corporate War Game
19. I am a bionic woman .. hahaha.. no laa I only got a steel structure implanted between my T-12 backbone due to the accident ... got hospitalised for 2 weeks, MC for 3 months and a lifetime of steel structure in my body..

20. the first person I thought masa woke up in the hospital after the accident was my husband (my fiancee then)... please call him I told the person in charge for the Corporate War Game.. I knew he would know what to do.. so much trust kan...

21. I LOVE my hubby so much.. he was there when I need him the most.. when I was hospitalised, he was there giving me support.. teach me how to walk again day by day... he was my fiancee at that time... supporting me when I was crippled and broken..

22. I treasured my experience working with MAS.. I have been to many foreign places.. duty travel and also, free annual privilege travel... my first privilege travel was to Perth for my honeymoon.. free air tickets... at same time, got free hotel sbb I won Golden Holiday quiz ...

23. My bad travel experience was to Nice.. I was so sick and stressed out... i cannot enjoy Nice at all... masa tu feverish and sweaty and even need to depend on ventolin for a while... for one week, after meeting kena balik hotal n sleep while my colleague were enjoying the French Riviera after office hours. On the journey back home via Frankfurt, all did was to ask the cabin crew for panadol and not to disturb me.  Off I went to sleep until we reached Malaysia [Oh ya, I went back to visit Nice again with my family and friends.  So, by then, I know how does Nice looks like ]

24. I took VSS from MAS to follow my husband here.. I don't regret it since I was so stressed out with works and all the politics in my division... I hates politics... I am just an honest person who loves my job.. why kena become victim of politicking :( but I am happy as a housewife sebab I gotta raise my kids.. 

25.I love my children so much and now cannot imagine leaving them to other people to take care... I cannot imagine how I could leave my eldest, Ashraf, at the nursery when he was young.. at 2 months... I had raised Afif and Alya since birth...


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