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View from the Rock - Pic courtesy of Wikipedia Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It has an area of 6.7 km2 and shares its northern border with the Province of Cádiz in Andalusia, Spain. The Rock of Gibraltar is the major landmark of the region. Aerial view of Gibraltar - Courtesy of World Maritime From Malaga, it only took us around 1 hour and 41 minutes drive to reach Gibraltar.  The view was excellent since we are using the coastal route of Costa del Sol.  We passed by several beautiful beaches and exclusive beach resorts that attract people to Southern Spain. The terrain was flat here compared to those previous trips to Granada and Cordoba.  Towards the end of the Southern Spain, the flat terrace becomes hilly and we made a stop at the top of the hill.  There was a rest area here where people can look beyond the hill towards Gibraltar.  It was breathtaking view of slo

Jelajah Andalusia, Sepanyol - Around Malaga

The last day in Spain was spent exploring the city of Malaga until our departure time to Geneve. Malaga province with its Costa del Sol has around 160km of beaches facing the Mediterranean sea. We decided to visit one of the beaches known as Los Alamos beach.  Oh yeah! its winter time, so we would not able to see the typical beach view of people sunbathing, swimming and surfing.  It's just that we missed beach view since Switzerland is a land-locked country and that seeing beaches were like a-dream-come-true experience! In fact, its the first time for Alya to see the sea and beaches while Ashraf and Afif were so awed by the powerful waves.  It was very windy and the sound of big waves crashing towards the beach was so awesome for them. Easyjet's Network in Europe So we bid adios to Spain and headed to the Malaga Costa del Sol airport only to find out that our flight was cancelled! The only flight was in another two days! Luckily, Easyjet's cu

Weird and interesting facts about Switzerland

A landlocked nation of Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, cheese, and chocolate. But there are some  unknown facts.  When we first arrived Geneva, Switzerland, we heard about some weird (sometimes weirdest) facts about Switzerland. We never experienced them all but here are the 16 weird and interesting facts about Switzerland: (1)   I t is illegal to keep just one guinea pig or hamster. You got to have them in pairs. (2)  A man may not relieve himself while standing up after 10 pm. Also, you are not supposed to flush the toilet after 10 pm if you live in an apartment. Keep it it until the morning! (3)  It is considered an offense to mow your lawn on a Sunday because it causes too much noise. (4)  Clothes may not be hung to dry on Sunday. No hanging on Sunday please! (5)  You may not wash your car on a Sunday or you cannot wash your car nearby your premise. Please use the DIY car wash facilities. It is illegal to wash your car at home   (6)  In

Jelajah Andalusia Sepanyol - Cordoba

Cordoba is situated 160km on the northside of Malaga or one hour and 45 minutes drive from Malaga via A45 highway.   It was conquered by invading Islamic armies in the eighth century, and then became the capital of the Islamic Emirate and then Caliphate of Córdoba, including most of the Iberian Peninsula.  U nder the rule of Caliph Al Hakam II, Cordoba had also become a centre for education under its Islamic rulers. Al Hakam II opened many libraries in addition to the many medical schools and universities which existed at this time. During these centuries Córdoba became a predominantly Muslim society with minorities living in a restricted second-class status. It returned to Christian rule in 1236, during the Reconquista. Córdoba has the second largest Old town in Europe, the largest urban area in the world declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The most important building and symbol of the city, the Great Mosque of Córdoba and current cathedral, alongside the Roman bridge,