Black Forest: Triberg the World Biggest Cuckoo Clock

From Freiburg to Triberg
Our first trip to Triberg was in 2007 when we continued our second day, from Freiburg, we headed for Triberg for a day trip and continued downward our journey to another famous town, Titisee. Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the Black Forest. Triberg lies in the middle of the Black Forest between 500 and 1038 metres above sea level.
Along the way to Triberg, we made a lot of stops to take photos. The views were superb that our photographer cum the driver, can't resist the challenge.  Well, the fact this is supposed to be a leisure ride so no issue la kan. Unfortunately, later on, we were caught in a massive traffic jam around 5km with all the huge trucks and cars queue narrowly along the treacherous road.  The road was so curvy, small and steep compared to the Karak Highway! 
View along the way to Triberg
A short stop
View of Black Forest

Well the only thing people especially Malaysians go to Triberg is to buy clocks since Black Forest other than the cake and spas is also famous for its clockmaking industry. At the end, we did buy some clocks as souvenirs from this region. But our main objective to see the Black Forest region in autumn with all the leaves turning gold and brown.

"Cuckoo clock"
"Cuckoo clock"

Hotel room in Triberg
Our second trip to the Black Forest was more with a purpose... but despite the purpose, we decided more exploration of the town Triberg.  It seemed our previous visit, we did miss out a few attractions! But this time around, its the five of us (the first one Alya was not born yet!). We booked a small charming hotel in Triberg. We were so in love of its decor with wooden beams and separator between the bedroom and the living.  In fact, here in this hotel, the croissants are superb as the croissant that Shidi used to love in the WTO cafe!

The worlds biggest cuckoo clock
In Triberg, there is the largest cuckoo clock in the world ( which in our first trip, we do not find it).  At last, we managed to look for it.  Actually it was one of the clock shop built to resemble the cuckoo clock with giant and functional clock! Right smack in the middle of the Triberg town.  Triberg itself its charming and we wandered again for the second time.

Another missed adventure was to visit the highest waterfall in Europe which is just located outside Triberg. Just a small and shorth walking path and walla, beautiful wonder of mother nature! The Triberg Waterfalls, a series of waterfalls in the Gutach River, are among the tallest in Germany. With a total vertical drop of 151m (496 feet), the falls are shorter than the tallest waterfall in Germany, the Röthbachfall. However, the Triberg Falls are better known and have easier public access.

Afif Nuqman
Alya Nur

Titisee is just a small town just like Triberg boasting the craft of may types of clocks such as cuckoo clocks, grandfather clock, wall clock, anniversary clock etc. Here, many Malaysians come to purchase these types of clocks from one seller, Alfred.  For Malaysians, he provided a good discount and a good customer services.  Thus, that is our mission during this second trip.  What did we buy? Hmm, pretty much the same as the rest of Malaysians did :)

A small town of Titisee
One more attraction in Titisee is the lake in front of the town itself, called Lake Titisee.  Although, it is not as huge as Lake Geneve, it boastes its own charming and attractive ways.

In fact, it is hard to describe the beauty of Black Forest area.  Only through our eyes and lenses can we imagine its attractiveness...

Shop selling local crafts
Lake Titisee


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