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The Other Side of a Coin, the Life Not So Sweet…

“You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green.” (Unknown) We always think that living abroad would be enjoyable and full of good things.  But we tend to ignore that there is the other side of enjoyable and fun. We tend to envy other people for their supposed “fun” time abroad, we tend to wish that we are in their shoes enjoying good time abroad.  But, we tend to forget that all things are not so sweet.  Life is full of ups and downs, life has so many challenges and that these shape up people’s experience and make them stronger. Yes…We did cherish the good memories in Switzerland but we also cherished the unpleasantness of living there. It shaped our life, it groomed us to be stronger, it added characters to our life, it added new perspectives in viewing life and it tested our tolerance towards others. The unpleasantness can come in so many forms, from so many sources and in so many ways that we

Easter break trip to Venice, Italy

Our first trip into Italy was to Venice! It seemed that it is the only place in Italy that we deemed attractive enough for us to brave in the Italian border. Not that we were intimidated by the bad traffic nor the bad drivers there but combined factors such as the rise of criminal activities, the congested towns and others influenced us to postpone and push aside any trips until we have exhausted places to go in Europe. Hahahaha... so until we returned home in 2010. Funny things about this trip. 1. It was not our first choice to go to Venice. Initially, we decided that we would go to Northern Europe (Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg) but we postponed the trip to next year. 2. Last minute, we decided on Venice and at the same time, our friends, Ita and Kak Emi also decided to go to Venice. So, we decided to convoy together to Venice. Three days before the trip, we decided to cancel the trip coz I was so, so sick and that I could not handle long journey (5 hours drive). So we ca

From Venice, Italy to Lugano, Suisse

Our initially planned for Easter trip is to singgah at Milan on the way balik but the, the traffic jam plus that we were unable to find hotel with free parking dampened our mood for Milan.  Luckily, we brought along the laptop and managed to plan alternative trip to Lugano instead.  Oh man, last minute search for hotel is very, very difficult especially during Easter break. Luckily, we found a hotel located at Varese, Italy. It is very near to Lugano, around 40km aje and also cheap at Euro 90 per night...  Lagi pun, dah alang-alang cross Mont Blanc tunnel yg mahal tu might as well we spent most places yang terpaksa lalu tunnel tu... Lugano is at the other side of Switzerland and two ways can reach it... either a 5 hour plus driving using Swiss highway or 3 hr via Mont Blanc tunnel...  The Mont Blanc tunnel We ended our tour of Venice around 4pm and headed straight to Varese while Ita and her family made a stop to Nove before going home to Geneve. As we arrived at